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Clean Simple Eats - Immune Boost

Clean Simple Eats

Clean Simple Eats - Immune Boost

$ 24.99 $ 35.00

Our Super Berries are back, with an upgrade! Here’s a peek into what we did to make our all new Super Berry Mix formula even better than before:

First, we cut the calories on this formula by 56%! We know it’s not always easy to squeeze in those additional 62 calories from the old formula, so we took the formula apart. We removed all the “fluff” that didn’t make you a better human, and kept all of the goodness of micronized freeze-dried berries and other superfoods—with only 28 calories per scoop! Now it’s easier than ever to fit this goodness into your day! Oh, and we also added one of JJ's favorite new additions: SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE! Say that 5 times fast! So what is SOD? Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells. This may prevent damage to cells and tissues, especially post-workout when free radicals and oxidative stress are more prevalent. Our Super Berry Mix is the best tasting, most effective antioxidant formula on the planet! 💪

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