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Life's a Freeze: Freeze Dried Candy (In Store Only)

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From Life's a Freeze, these  are supreme freeze dried candies!  We have freeze dried Skittles, freeze dried Sour Skittles, freeze dried Bit-O-Honey, freeze dried giant Jolly Ranchers, freeze dried cheesecake(so good!), freeze dried Milk Duds, freeze dried ice cream sandwiches, freeze dried Laffy Taffy, freeze dried Hi-Chews, freeze dried Caramel M&Ms, freeze dried Airheads, and last, but not  never least, freeze dried BIG HUNK (our Nut Garden favorite!)

We go in and out of stock on different freeze dry best selling varieties, but these varieties are the candies we generally have in stock.

In store only right now because of breakability. 


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