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Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Hello All!  I wanted to talk today about one of our favorite companies and partners, Salty Sweet Gifts.  They use a lot of our products in their gifts and we buy a lot of their crates to use for our gifts.

Dennis Graves is the owner, along with his wife Jenn.  Dennis is someone with many talents.  A lot of companies (including The Nut Garden) use him on a regular basis.  He is a genius at  building and figuring out how to make machinery and other things work, especially in the food industry, where he has many years of experience.  Meanwhile Jenn has many talents also, foremost, she is a wonderful mother and nurse.  

Together they decided to make this fun customized gift business part of their lives. Businesses and individual customers love working with them.  Their gift crates are especially popular in Park City.  Take the time to visit their site, you'll be grateful you did.

Salty Sweet Gifts


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