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About Us

The Nut Garden About Us

 Our family has been in the nut business for 20 years! We started our own company, The Nut Garden, about 5 years ago. Like most small businesses we're immensely grateful for our customers and do our very best to treat them well.

 Four Fun Facts:
#1 My wife and I have 8 children-three redheads, three teenagers, one autistic kiddo, one set of toddler twins, and two kids allergic to tree nuts!
 #2 We have a new-ish amazing co-owner who use to own and manage a Kneader's Bakery in Colorado. He happens to be very allergic to cashews.
 #3 My wife has banned me from bringing home our fresh coated chocolate cinnamon bears, because she can't stop eating them!
 #4 We love God, we love our country, and I love
 pickleball. There are courts next to our warehouse if anyone wants to play.

 For company information please visit our FAQS page.