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Health Benefits of Milk Chocolate.

Health Benefits of Milk Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate. - Milk chocolate is solid confectionary chocolate that comprises sugar cocoa and milk. Initially, they were produced as chocolate bars but are now available in different shapes and forms. Over the years, chocolates are avoided due to their public awareness to be health hazards. For instance, they are associated with lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, acne, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Also, due to caffeine in cocoa, other caffeine side effects may prevail, such as nervousness, insomnia, and increases heartbeats. Therefore, in most cases over the years, both dark and milk chocolate have been hazardous to our health. However, in the 21st Century, several health benefits have been associated with dark chocolate, explaining the rise in dark chocolate flavor.  White chocolate has its fair share of health benefits that help the body and doesn't make it all too bad to take small amounts of chocolate. Eating chocolate has various advantages. These include; low cholesterol levels, prevents cognitive decline and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, milk chocolate is essential in our bodies.

Listed below are some health benefits of milk chocolate

Contains calcium

Milk chocolates will contain calcium due to the milk ingredient. Therefore milk chocolate will contain higher calcium than any other type of chocolate. Calcium has various health benefits in our bodies. These include; building and maintaining strong bones, strengthening weak bones. Also, it helps to circulate blood, move muscles and also release hormones. Also, calcium is necessary for vital organs such as the heart. Also, the nerves and muscles require calcium to function properly. Therefore calcium is an essential nutrient in our bodies. Without calcium nutrients, our bodies may not function correctly in our bodies and may risk weak bones and conditions like osteoarthritis. As much as calcium is available in other foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, milk chocolates will be preferred due to their taste. Hence taking up calcium in a tasty way cannot be as bad. 

Beneficial for your heart.


Milk chocolate is said to lower the risks of heart disease and stroke. Researchers claim that after research on chocolate and its effect on the heart, research was conducted, and most participants preferred milk chocolate. Their results proved a decreased rate in heart diseases by 14 percent and a stoke decrease of 23 percent. Milk products, especially ones with fat, are associated with reduced cardiovascular illnesses, unlike the belief that fats are hazardous. Regardless of their fat content, milk products will not increase cardiovascular illness rates but reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Therefore, since milk chocolates contain milk, they are beneficial to our hearts as they reduce heart diseases and stroke. Finally, the researchers concluded that chocolate of all kinds could enhance heart health by lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain, and lowering the risk of blood clots. It's also conceivable that the calcium and fatty acids in milk chocolate have a heart-healthy impact.

Boosts brain health

Chocolate consumption is proved to have some effect on cognitive functions. Chocolate comprises ingredients such as tryptophan that stimulates mind boosting and anandamide that provides a sense of well-being as it binds the dopamine receptors in the brain. Also, according to Dr. Scott, consumption of milk chocolate helps to reduce stress in females when taken in moderation of 40 grams daily. Also, milk chocolate contributes to other cognitive functions such as boosting memory, concentration/ attention span and also helps in problem-solving situations.  This is due to the high quantities of procyanidin (a flavonoid that can help to reduce brain inflammation) and thiamin in chocolate (aka vitamin B1, which has an energizing effect). Therefore, milk chocolate is healthy for our brains; it helps boost different brain functions. Also, it can be used as a stimulant. The presence of caffeine thus can be used to keep you alert and active. Further, milk chocolate is said to aid people with depression and those stressed to calm them down

Milk chocolate can also play the same roles as dark chocolate but to different degrees.


Researchers and scientists in the 21st Century have concluded that chocolates are not all bad since they contain antioxidants helpful in our bodies. These antioxidants are present due to the high cocoa levels in dark chocolates.  However, it is essential to note that milk chocolate has a percentage of cocoa about 20 percent that cannot be taken for granted. It also provides the body with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals that play a role in heart diseases, cancer, and other diseases. Also, they protect your body from the damage caused by oxidation by removing all radicals from your body, thus leaving your body free of toxins and protecting it from diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Further, Milk chocolate includes polyphenols, which are beneficial for you and can help with anything from immunity to hair health and stress reduction. Therefore, milk chocolates can perform the same duty as dark chocolates despite the low degrees of ingredients such as cocoa that highly contains antioxidants. Therefore, milk chocolate lovers do not have to quit taking their milk chocolate bars as they can also provide the same health benefits as dark chocolate.


In Conclusion


Chocolates are delicious, and due to the benefits mentioned earlier, one may be tempted to take more than required. As prescribed by Dr. Scott, chocolates are not harmful even when taken daily. As long as they are accepted in moderation of 40 grams per day, they will be more beneficial to your body than when taken daily in massive amounts. When taken in huge quantities, they can account for other illnesses such as high blood pressure and obesity. Notably, milk chocolates are as beneficial as dark chocolates and have unique health benefits, such as calcium necessary for strong bones. And other benefits like reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Therefore, milk chocolate is delicious and beneficial to our bodies as a whole, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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