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Nutrional Facts Aabout Nuts

Nutrional Facts Aabout Nuts

Amazing nutritional facts about nuts you did not know about

Nuts have a sizeable nutritional value in our bodies.  Studies and researches have proven that intake of nuts can help reduce the chances of getting some disease. There is a wide variety of nuts, for instance, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and even macadamia nuts. Nuts can be processed into butter or even consumed when raw. Some also take them as snacks. Others use them when preparing pan-fried dishes and salads.  There are many stores one can get the nuts. You can even order online and have your nuts delivered to your house. There are also very many tutorials on nutritional facts about nuts one can learn from.

Here is an overview of the nutritional facts about nuts

Nutritional Nuts

Nuts are a rich source of omega -3 fatty acids, Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in our bodies. Omega -3 fatty has innumerable benefits in one’s health. Here are some of the benefits.

Omega – 3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of low blood pressure.

It decreases the risk of heart attack and other related problems. This is because they help inlining of the arteries to ensure easy flow of blood. Inflammation is also reduced. This is because blood clotting in the arteries is reduced.

Helps control diseases like eczema and arthritis.

Helps reduce obesity. This is because they help one reduce weight.

Aids in fetus development. Pregnant women are advised to take nuts to help in fetus development.

Aids in brain development and formation. Children who take nuts tend to be sharper in class.

It helps in moistening the skin. Omega -3 fatty acids protect the skin from direct UV- rays. This helps in giving the skin the glamorous effect.

It also helps one get rid of depression. Depression can make one commit suicide if not controlled at an earlier stage.


Nuts are the source of protein

Nuts contain protein has a great nutritional value in our bodies. Protein is essential in our bodies because nuts help in the formation of enzymes and hormones. They also play a vital role in the formation of antibodies. Protein helps the immune system of the body. It becomes easy for the body to fight any disease. Protein is also required in the cell structure of the hair and even nails. Study shows that people who consume are less prone to illness. This is because their immune system is very high.

Nuts contain vitamins and minerals

Nuts are a good source of minerals and vitamins which are required for normal body functioning. Some of these minerals include selenium which boosts the immune system. It also helps would heal. Copper present in the nuts plays a crucial role in blood formation—Vitamin B aids in activating the metabolism process. Vitamin E present in the nuts is an antioxidant. It protects the body from harmful molecules which may cause poisoning. It also supports both the immune system and the nervous system. Vitamin E prevents plaque development in the arteries can cause chest pains. This also prevents coronary artery disease.

Nuts have a high content of minerals. Some of the minerals include:

Calcium. Calcium helps in both teeth and bone formation.

Iodine. Iodine present in nuts regulates the performance of the thyroid glands.

Zinc. Zinc helps in supporting the metabolic process.

Magnesium aids in the supply of energy in the brain.

Phosphorus plays a vital role in both bone and teeth formation. It also ensures proper functioning of the kidney hence reducing the chances of kidney failure. Phosphorus also helps in muscle contractions.

Nuts contain high fiber content.

variety of nuts

Fiber is essential in our bodies to prevent constipation. They also ensure stable blood sugar levels in the body. The fiber present in the nuts, in other instances, helps lower cholesterol. People who consume nuts are at a lower risk of getting diabetes due to the fiber content in the nuts.

Some nuts also contain plant sterols. Sterols also help in lowering the amount of cholesterol in the body. Plant sterols can also be added to products like margarine and even juices. Sterols are believed to occur naturally in nuts.

Nuts are also a rich source of L- arginine. L-arginine helps in making the artery walls thicker and more robust. They become more flexible, making them less prone to blood clots. A blood clot prevents regular blood flow hence causing diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Final words

In conclusion, nuts have substantial nutritional value in our bodies. The above article clearly illustrates some of the health benefits of nuts. A high intake of nuts is recommendable. Anyone, including toddlers and the elderly, can consume the nut. Every type of nut has a nutritional value in the body. There is no restriction on any kind of nut to drink. You can get the nuts from supermarkets or even directly from the farmers. If you are getting them from stores or supermarkets, make sure you check on the expiration dates. This is because expired may cause adverse health effects.

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