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cashews growing on a tree

The Great And Terrible Cashew

Cashew are a nut favorite and don't come cheap. But you may not realize all the time it takes for each cashew to grow and the cashew dangers that are lurking about.

Cashews: The Non Nut Nut

First of all, cashew aren't actually a nut.  They do grow on trees, but technically they're a seed from a cashew "apple".  And those cashew apples are quite beautiful and edible!  Though, the apple of the cashew is easily damaged and generally left to rot. One of the reasons cashews are so pricy is because they can ONLY be harvested once year. 

The Poisonous Cashew

You may not know, cashews contain a natural toxin called urushiol around the shell of the cashew.  Urushiol is the same toxin found in Poison Ivy!  The toxin is also found in the leaves of the cashew tree, so it may not be best not to climb a cashew tree, unless you have a full body suit of course.

The Healthy Benefits of Cashews

Despite the poison concern, cashews are super healthy for you in moderation. They contain vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and those healthy fats everyone loves.   Cashews are also good for your heart and eyes, oh, and they taste delicious.

On a not so healthy note, try our homemade Cashew Bars that Melissa's kitchen makes just for us. They're divine!



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