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Nutgutz Nut Butter (Sample Set of 4)

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Have a Nutgutz nut butter taste off!  Enjoy one 10 oz jar of each of our four new nutty flavors, 40oz total! Includes:

CINNAMUNCH with almonds and cashews

MINT COOKIE MUD with almonds  and cashews

NUTTERSCOTCH with cashews, pecans, and peanuts

and last, but not least

FUDGE BUTTER with peanuts

(comes in our popular nutgutz jars, but no addition packaging included for the four pack)

Nutgutz nut butter is pleased to be spread or mixed at your leisure.  Try Nutgutz with: oatmeal, cookies, waffles, muffins, bananas, dates, apples, ice cream, celery, smoothies, s'mores, sweet potatoes, spoons and more!

Ah-ohhhhhhhh.......Gimmie NUTGUTZmusic notes for nutgutz


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