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Bulk Date Syrup | 55 lb. Bucket

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A sweet, caramelly addition to any dish when you want to ditch refined sugars. Use date syrup in beverages, sauces, desserts, and other dishes to replace plain sugar with a low-glycemic alternative.

Our organic date syrup is known for a number of characteristics:

  • Delicious hints of brown sugar, caramel, and vanilla notes
  • Being a great alternative to processed sugar and sugar alternatives
  • Has rich, complex flavor

Our date syrup:

  • Is a natural sweetener with no added sugars.
  • Contains essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Contains the natural antioxidant polyphenols.
  • Improves taste and texture.
  • Is a heart-healthy cholesterol free food product.

Date syrup makes a great addition to a healthy diet and fits into most lifestyles. Whether you're a plant-based, paleo or on a low-sugar diet, our date syrup tastes good and is a choice you can feel great about!


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