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Gift Mailer Boxes-Utah Local!!

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You’ve got check out or brand new Utah local gift mailer boxes!  All the goodies in these boxes come from some of our favorite Utah shops and Utah manufacturers!!  Surprise your family and friends with these epic gifts delivered straight to their door. Or to your own door, whichever you prefer. Choose Your Favorite!

Extra Information:

Utah Truffle--Double Decker Box: (not pictured) This has the Utah Truffles from the Utah Truffle Box--times 2! Note: currently Raspberry, Toffee and Milk Chocolate Truffle Bars aren’t available, but we substitute those and our Utah Truffle Boxes are still fabulous, and a best seller! 

Utah Local Surprise box: (not pictured) We fill this yummy box with our seasonal favorites!  New yummy Utah local snacks every month! Try it out!

Note: Products or flavors in boxes may be occasionally substituted for something equally delicious

For large custom or corporate orders please contact us directly:

Gift Box Varieties: Popcorn Truffle

Favorite Brands we Love and Sell!

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